Premium Leather Round Punching Bag

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  • High-quality pure leather material
  • This product is in red and black color
  • This product image is for the illusion, product comes unfilled.
  • This product will be delivered in standard size.

Premium Leather Round Punching Bag

BJJ&MORE is home to the greatest piece of boxing equipment including this great round punching bag. It is a recommended piece of equipment for all athletes either beginners or professionals who are serious about boxing and martial arts. This round punching is especially recommended for the proper delivery of vicious body punches. It helps you to work on traditional strikes or throw different trajectories at the lower panels. You get a realistic feel of an opponent while training as the punching bag’s design provides a good striking surface from various angles. The overall look and feel of these round punching bags along with a slip ball functionality make them a go-to piece of equipment.

These heavy round punching bags the traditional workouts into a high-quality boxing package. Its balanced design offers the perfect combination of swing, weight, and surface area for hyper-targeted strikes, slip, and blockwork. It is manufactured using premium leather that helps to absorb the heaviest of punches with ease. You can practice the uppercuts, jabs, hooks, and other techniques from all angles of it being a premium leather round punching bag. It is a non-tear wrecking ball that is constructed for specialized training regimens. It also decreases the risk of jammed elbows to a minimum level.


4FT (48"), 5FT (60"), 6FT(72")

  1. Tyler

    It arrived quickly. Is precisely as the photos and description indicated. I’m excited to start practising. I rotate between them because they are really different from a typical punching bag. This bag works well without gloves, but wraps are still recommended.

  2. Ezekiel

    Product is great. Even better quality than I was expecting. For a different workout, this is a perfect addition to my punching bags. Because it is softer, it is more intense on the shoulders, and I get a better training from it.

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