Heavy Bag

We have a wide variety of heavy bags that are used hanging from the ceiling or from a support, either anchored to the wall or attached to some type of mobile platform. They are most commonly used due to their great versatility and difference in models. There is no denying that a heavy bag is an indispensable tool in any gym, but it can be a great addition to your own home as well.

Since the sport of boxing has been known, traditional heavy bags have been a part of any boxer’s training environment. They are variety of bags widely used due to the versatility they offer since there are multiple models and sizes to adapt to each of the disciplines of combat sports or martial arts.

Those used for boxing do not need to be excessively long, since the hit will be basically with the fists and at a height greater than that equivalent to a person’s waist. However, other fighting disciplines such as Kick Boxing use these bags with a longer measure and can be installed positioned a few centimeters from the ground, in order to have other lower hitting points to perform kicks or blows with the knee. They are designed for workouts in which you want to work on strength in the blows, seeking to enhance the muscles and over time the resistance. The greater the weight of the boxer, the heavier the heavy bag must be to be effective.

Whatever discipline you practice, here you can find a series of heavy bags with a spectacular value for money. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

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uppercut heavy bag
Punching Bag
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Kids Heavy Bag
Punching Bag
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Leather Heavy Bag
Punching Bag
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kids heavy bag
Punching Bag
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Boxing Heavy Bag
Punching Bag
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