Punching Bag Workout
Punching Bag Workout For Beginners

Punching Bag Workout For Beginners

A punching bag and a thoroughly jotted down guide that is specifically designed for beginners and novice athletes bring the best of both worlds. Now, if you are a beginner who has never had punching workout training, it would seem to be something hard to wrap around the head at the moment. But, don’t you worry, this article addresses all the solutions coupled with detailed answers to the everyday problems that you face while using a punching bag. 

What is important to know is that a punching bag is designed to easily equip to the needs of the user – given if it is used properly. How one can use a punching bag in a professional manner, how can you give an upgrade to your everyday workout, how can you boost up your fitness level – all these questions will be cleared once you go through our article completely.  

What is a Punching Bag – to be exact? 

A punching bag is a workout tool that is widely known in the fields of martial arts and boxing. These bags are filled with the use of foam, fiber, cylindrical air or water. The purpose of these bags is to kick or punch them in order to develop certain physical skills.

How do you use a punching bag? 

With every different exercise comes a series of rules and techniques that make it extremely easy for everybody to ace at it! So, here is the drill; if you would like to be trained in boxing and punching, there are a plethora of amazingly effective tips and tricks. Now, those who are accustomed to the environment that gets offered in a gym would know what the gist is. However, those people are actually unfamiliar with working or have never been trained. Regardless of all these factors, with these golden chunks of knowledge, you will be able to do anything a well-trained boxer can! 

So, is it a bunch of jabbing and cooking that you like making a part of your everyday workout routine? Or does boxing count in your love-to-do list? Either way, a punching bag is a must-have in every athlete’s life! You must be wondering, “Ah, it’s just a punching bag! What’s so cool about it?” Well, let us get to do the good part, where we are going to address all the questions popping into your mind. 

Other than jabbing and punching, what are the best moves? How can I set up an entire punching bag? What steps should I take to take my fitness to a whole new level? How can I find the quickest ways to burn my calories? If I am a beginner, what kind of moves should I use on a punching bag? 

So, without any further ado, let us clear this out!

How To Be Well-Acquainted With a Punching Bag if You are a Beginner

Now, we are going to get started with some basic moves that will help you build a rhythm using a punching bag! A punching bag is built that offers multiple sets of punching combos. Regardless of how simple these beginner moves are, they will make you prepared for real fighting situations. Not only that, these moves will double up the fun and challenges!

What Should Be the Time Duration of a Punching Bag Workout?

When it comes to doing a bunch of exercises with a punching bag, there is no right or wrong in regards to a time duration. In particular, there are no such rules that can determine the time duration or the amount of power you should invest in a punching bag. However, starting with a 15 to 20-minute workout routine is advised if you are a beginner. On top of that, you can invest about fifty to seventy-five percent of your power while working out with a punching bag. Moreover, you should divide this workout session into rounds of 5 minutes each. Now, when it comes to the idea of the number of rounds, it all depends on you. However, you can always try more to discover your untapped potential. 

What’s the Secret to a Perfect Warm-Up using a Punching Bag?

A warm-up to any workout is like the batter to a cake! Before hopping on a workout session, it is essential to note that warming up should be the first thing to do. The reason why it is considered that important is that a good warm-up leads to your muscles all warmed along with your blood completely pumped. Not only that, but the odds of you undergoing an injury will slim down to nothing, with you doing a warm-up beforehand. After you have done a warm-up, you will no longer be having stiff muscles and hence no injuries.

What are some excellent 5-minute workouts?

While you have planned to do a 5-minute warm-up, make sure that you add one of these practical exercises: Hip Circles, Jumping Jacks, Lunges, and Arm Circles. While practicing any of these workouts, pay attention to your shoulders as well as arms. Most importantly, beginners should always opt for gloves or hand wraps that are used in boxing.  

A Break-Down of Punching Bag Workout Moves

First Workout

Get yourself in a fighting position where your right leg is positioned forward while your knees are bent outwards. After that, keep your elbows tucked against your body as the hand glows remain in front of your face. Now, as you are done positioning yourself the right way, keep such a distance from a punching bag that is slightly less than arm’s length. With this fighting stance, you can begin jabbing and crossing in a successive manner. Use a verbal counter to keep track of your jabs. Throughout this exercise, proceed to boost your power so that the opponent can be neutralized. This is one of the commonly-practiced 5-minute workouts. After it is done, you can take a 1-minute break.

Second Workout

Now this workout will train you to increase your snap skills. Acing it, you will be able to tackle your opponent in a very professional way. The main goal is to overcome your opponent before he can send your way a reaction.

In order to maintain defense, you are required to waver back and forth while wearing your gloves or hand wraps. That will sustain your retribution. Followed by a powerful left hook, you can easily knock your opponent down while using his fighting stance to your benefit. This workout can be repeated for 5 minutes, followed by a rest of 1 minute. 

Third Workout

There is another technique which is called Straight Punches. They are directly used to take your opponent out of the game. So, basically, all you need to do is to throw a bunch of punches that are directed straightly at the same spot with repetitive shots. In particular, you can position yourself in front of a punching bag and enforce four jabs consecutively at the same targetted point. This way, you will have your opponent beaten out in no time. This workout proves to be super fun!

Perks of using a Punching Bag  

Whether you’re an expert who has been a part of boxing for a long time or someone who just wants to expand his workout routine by introducing a punching bag, the benefits of having a full-on workout with the help of a punching bag are a lot. Before you invest in a punching bag, you should be aware of all the perks that it comes with. 

One needs to remember that punching bags do not only prove to be beneficial for those already in the field. Newbies can always have a significant amount of fun with myriads of benefits. Besides having arms’ strength and performance all boosted up, it offers a list of other vital merits too:

Such as, one can improve his jabbing skills, master the combinations as well as moves, losing fat while leading to an all-rounder body fitness level. You can have an improved balance and body coordination. In addition to that, you can develop the capability of self-defense. As you whip out all your stress and toxins using this workout routine, you can have an opportunity to build cardiovascular endurance, agility, footwork, core stability, power, and muscular strength. 

How to Perform a Cool Down

Once a full-fledge workout has been done, it’s time do a nice 8 minute cool down where you will be stretching your limbs, That way, your muscles will be pulled. After having a heated up exercises, the only perfect way to end is with a static stretching. There are a few techniques to it including the cobra pose, butterfly stretch, and overhead triceps stretch. This will help you stay at ease while relaxing your muscles to a great extent.

Tips and Tricks to Elevate your Punching Bag Workout

Before jumping into any kind of boxing, make sure that you are protecting your knuckles with the use of hand wraps. On top of that, warming up as a pre-workout and cooling down as a post-workout are two essential factors which need to be remembered. Besides, you can also up your footwork game by changing the punching bag’s position from one point to another. Also, it is required to give a significant amount of time to your breathing while you are positioned in a fighting stance. With that being said, you can also level up your workout with the help of a heavy punching bag that will directly impact your muscles toning and body coordination. Last but not the least, you should pay extra heed to your point of accuracy, speed, and form whenever you jab the punching bag. 


While it’s all fun and challenging, it keeps you motivated at the same time. Hence why, the use of a punching bag is widely-known all across the world. If you are a beginner, you will get to know that jabbing and kickboxing are super exciting! Not only that, but using a punching bag has been proven to have positive effects on your physique. As the time goes, you will most probably end up experimenting more with this useful tool.  

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