MMA Gym Punching Bag With Hanging Chain

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  • High-quality pure leather material
  • Available in different sizes
  • This product is in black color
  • This product image is for the illusion, product comes unfilled.
  • A Punching Bag Hanging Chain is included.

MMA Gym Punching Bag With Hanging Chain

MMA gym punching bag with hanging chain is the ultimate choice for boxers and kick-boxers that wants to leave a mark in this sport. It is the ultimate in striking equipment that you need to become the best. It is an ultra-premium true home gym punching bag that can keep it balance and shape for many more years to come. It is effectively built to absorb your heavy strikes and kicks and enhances your strength and balance. It is the best value choice either filled or unfilled so, lay your hands on it as soon as possible. The professionals as well as the amateurs can both benefit from it.

This gym punching bag is your best shot at enhancing the punching and kicking power. It gives you a little extra to find your rhythm and balance. You can use it in your gym and homes which is a big reason for its popularity. High quality leather is used in the manufacturing of this MMA home gym punching bag so that you can depend on it for a long time. Not only it helps to develop your punching and kicking, it also helps you develop the needed flow within your combinations.


4FT (48"), 5FT (60"), 6FT(72")

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