Finding that perfect set of gloves is the essence of boxing: quality material, comfort, adequate wrist support and protection. That’s where we at “BJJ and More” come in.

As a boxer, your hands are one of your most valuable assets, and should we well-protected. The years of experience with our customer base of over 200 million satisfied customers worldwide have perfected our selection to fit well into exactly the kind of gloves you need.

Our carefully curated selection of gloves will cater to your boxing and MMA needs. The boxing gloves we provide have been approved by iconic champs. The approval of well-known and acknowledged boxers and MMA-fighters has been our pride and recognition.

We at “BJJ and More” proudly stand behind the gloves we sell, and therefore, we have narrowed the choice for you: select the gloves that fit best with your fitness preferences.

Providing you with the perfect set of gloves is our pleasure: that’s why we are at your service for advice specific to you.

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