Bulgarian Power Bag


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  • High-quality pure leather material
  • Available in different sizes
  • This product is in black color
  • This product image is for the illusion, product comes unfilled.
  • The product will be delivered in standard size.

Bulgarian Power Bag

A Bulgarian power bag has been designed to reap all the benefits from a workout and training routine. It doesn’t matter if you are a combat athlete or a sports athlete, this bag provides you with amazing fitness results.

Now, that you have familiarized yourself with a Bulgarian power bag, it’s time to list down all the key features for you to have a better outlook on this bag. While designing the Bulgarian power bag for BJJ, it was made sure that this bag contributes to the strengthening of upper as well as lower body.

Also, if you are looking forward to upgrade your muscular endurance, this is exactly what you should be using in your daily workout routine. It specifically increases the muscular endurance of your back, legs, arms, shoulders, wrists and grip. Not only that, but it also aids to the improvement of your shoulder/joint mobility, coordination, core musculature and proprioception.

You’d be surprised to know, that all these benefits aren’t limited here as it’s a great use to increase your flexibility as well as speed. The design that comes with Bulgarian bag plays an important role of making it easy-to-use and functional while adding to its versatility. It’s also useful for the improvement of speed and agility.

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